Northern Clover was founded in Calgary, Alberta by a team of professionals who have worked in the Western Canadian oil & gas industry for over 10 years, primarily distributing OCTG casing and tubing. With the launch of the company in 2017, Northern Clover plans to expand into various product lines and industries to build long-term sustainability for our employees and to better fulfill the needs of our clients.

    The Northern Clover team is passionate about continuous improvement. With this intention and focus, we work hard to serve our clients to the best of our abilities everyday.

    We always ask ourselves, how can we do more and be more for the companies we serve?


    Northern Clover currently supplies the leading E&P companies in Western Canada with oil & gas equipment and supplies.

    We work closely with the most renowned and technologically advanced facilities in the world to provide custom solutions for our clients’ product needs including:

    1. OCTG Casing and Tubing
    2. EZGO™ Premium & Semi-Premium Connections (Used for demanding drilling conditions and disposal wells)
    3. Chemicals for oil & gas applications, including drilling chemicals.

    Northern Clover’s New Business Development team works to search for and implement new products and business ventures for the Northern Clover team to pursue. If your company has an opportunity that you would like to discuss, we welcome you to contact our team and see if we can work together.


    As Northern Clover continues to grow, we will pursue opportunities in a variety of sectors and applications. No matter what the venture is, Northern Clover will do our best to do more for clients and more for our communities. We do business with integrity, meaning we will continuously do what is right and fair.

    If you are interested in discussing business opportunities with Northern Clover, we invite you to contact us. We are open to all ideas and opportunities.